Milking Systems

A modern dairy business makes it possible to produce high quality milk profitably. At the same time, it gives workers and animals a safe and friendly environment. DairyCare Pakistan offers a complete range of Milking Systems of Milkline Italy, from the most traditional types up to the most technologically advanced solutions, with both standard and customized options able to suit any breeder's requirements. Milking System type and size are the result of designing activities carried out by Milkline's Technical Department to the pursuit of offering solutions ensuring farming systems that are fast and comfortable for all type of animal, while also smooth and safe for operators at the same time.

Consulting & Planning


During the development stage of your dairy farm business, you need to consider important factors such as: Animal health and reproduction, Herd and system management, Milking routine, Efficiency, Future expandability. DairyCare Pakistan technical expert will help you identify and define your needs and then guide you through the selection of the various blocks that will meet your dairy farm requirements and budget.

Dairy Designing

During the planning stage, your DairyCare Pakistan expert will consider the whole dairy facility. Well-designed systems around your farm improve the animals' environment, while equipment that functions smoothly also facilitates and helps the farmer. This whole planning process is supported by the knowledge, tools and resources made available through the Milkline Team in Italy. With a international team of professionals experienced in dairy design and planning, DairyCare Pakistan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to you. Using precision technology Milkline keeps its international team up to date with the latest dairy design information and tools, regardless of their location. This all means that when you talk to a DairyCare Pakistan expert you are not only benefiting from their knowledge and experience but that of a international team. An example of the DairyCare Pakistan Team services is in the planning of cow traffic. Smooth cow traffic with quick management in and out of the parlour reduces the cycle time and raises the efficiency of the installation, independent of the choice of milking system type. Efficient cow traffic and management minimizes the time to change groups and increases the throughput of the parlour. The holding pens and gate systems help smooth animal friendly flow into the parlour.

  • Milking parlour positioning
  • Milk pick up, feed delivery
  • Milking parlour selection
  • Reduction of working hours
  • Milking ease
  • Cattle-friendly housing
  • Group sizes of animals
  • Optimal cow traffic
  • Cow comfort
  • Dairy Farm Integration

Parlour Layout

Only a well laid out milking parlour assures a high milk yield, guarantees the health of the cattle and pays for itself by efficiency. Parlours designed for cow comfort and smooth cow flow not only reduce the stress on the cows but also the operators as well.

From the milking cluster to the cooling system, your DairyCare Pakistan expert will match every component in the system exactly to ensure that the whole system will meet your requirements. If your system smoothly and efficiently extracts the milk from the cow but your cooling system cannot handle the load then you only have half a system! Only with well designed and matched systems can you minimise the total cost of ownership.


DairyCare Pakistan places a lot of value in offering you the benefit of its knowledge and making sure you are 100% satisfied with the end product. This is especially important during installation, farmer training and start up of the system.

DairyCare Pakistan will help plan the installation around your schedule in order to keep time and financial costs at minimum possible levels without compromising quality. Trained and experienced professionals from DairyCare Pakistan will use their expertise to install your system to meet the very high Milkline quality standards.

After installation, the technical expert will train you with your new milking system. Quality assurance is about setting a system so that a quality outcome is guaranteed. This is why we place so much value on helping you understand the system and the process from the very start.

All Milkline milking systems and components are manufactured in Italy and meet strict Conformité Européenne standards.