Feed Mixer Wagons

DairyCare Pakistan offers Feed Mixer Wagons of Faresin Industries Italy. Three words to describe TMR Faresin machines, well-known, appreciated and used in many countries around the world by breeders who prefer our technologically advanced work tools. The Faresin group has been involved in top quality mechanical production for over 35 years and all the TMR machines in our product range are the concrete outcome of this extensive experience and passion. The major commitment of the Faresin team - design technicians, machine erectorsand testers, service and repair technicians and sales department staff - is to transform technical advancement into a continually enhanced range of products in order to provide our customers with tangible advantages. Faresin is unshakable on this point: it constructs better machines so you can work better.

Mixer Wagons according to Faresin quality, safety & technology meet the toughest standards. Design, construction, evaluations and tests are carried out in accordance with strict procedures and maximum efficiency criteria this is why Faresin machines are recognized as highly reliable and long lasting. Continuous innovation has for some time been a distinguishing feature of Faresin product line, and each new model represents the evolution of machines already recognized for their extreme reliability and used by breeders in innumerable countries scattered throughout the world.

Continual experimentation and testing, even on models that will never be mass produced, is Faresin training ground for discovering how to improve machines, how to make them even more high-performing. Faresin machines are manufactured in specialist production poles to guarantee high quality standards at all times.

All Faresin wagons & components are manufactured to meet strict Conformité Européenne standards.