Dairy Farm Electronics

DRAMIŃSKI - Electronics in Agriculture

DairyCare Pakistan is partner of DRAMIŃSKI in Pakistan. DRAMIŃSKI is a recognized manufacturer of high-quality, high-tech electronic equipment for professionals in the livestock industry, agriculture, veterinary and human medicine.

DRAMIŃSKI is one of the leaders in the field of compact and mobile ultrasonography, Heat Detection Devices, Mastitis Detection Devices in the World and the biggest supplier of grain moisture meters in Poland. For 22 years we have been specializing in innovative product development, manufacture and sales throughout the World.

Our Business

DRAMIŃSKI is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of modern electronic equipment used in agriculture (grain moisture meters) and grain processing (NIR Analyzer), veterinary (portable ultrasonography) animal farming (pregnancy detectors, heat, mastitis detectors), and also - medicine (medical ultrasonography).

DRAMIŃSKI supply its products to:

  • Veterinarians
  • Breeders of cattle
  • Agricultural producers
  • Grain processing companies
  • Collections of grain

Equipment designed and produced in Draminski is currently exported to 53 countries in all continents from South America to Asia. DRAMIŃSKI has thousands of satisfied customers, whose numbers keep growing via recommendation.

All DRAMIŃSKI devices are manufactured to meet strict Conformité Européenne standards.