Advise & Support

Farmer support is vital to our company. Through Farm Service, we deliver our best products directly at our customers' premises: a specialized service keeping dairy farms constantly advised, supported and supplied. Please contact us for dairy farm and dairy business advice and support at any time of your convenience.

DairyCare Pakistan offers a comprehensive service to all our customers from initial contact with the sales man to designing plans to best suit your specific requirements and offering advice and expertise on your plans. Once your plans have then been approved by you, a team of technical experts will install your plant and it doesn’t end there we view the relationship with our customers as a long term partnership. We offer servicing support, emergency service, software support and technical support on consistent basis.


DairyCare offers a comprehensive support to all our customers on both a regular service basis and on emergency call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our commitment to our customers is FIRST. Service is an important part of caring for your equipment, so that you can care for your cattle.

Service & Maintenance

Our maintenance program is beautifully designed. We will visit your farm at your call to make sure the system is running at optimal performance. It is recommended that your farm systems are serviced at least once a year and checked every six months or more often depending on usage.

We can undertake a comprehensive equipment performance analysis, first by testing your specific farming system to the international standard for equipment. Should you require further analysis we can call in our experts who can perform extensive analysis and performance benchmarking.

Should you require service please contact us directly, by phone, fax or email stating your exact location and contact details.

Emergency Service

Emergency service gives you instant 24 hour access to our service network. First we try to resolve your problem over the telephone, otherwise a service engineer is immediately sent to your farm.

Technical Support

We believe that buying a farming system from DairyCare Pakistan is not a once off purchasing decision, but rather a long term partnership between you and our organization, which is designed to provide the latest automation updates ensuring that you are kept at the forefront of your business.

The first line of support is to contact DairyCare Pakistan directly this ensures that you get a quick response. We are backed up by the expertise in the international team of our Principal Companies worldwide. There are a number of different options that you can choose for your farm equipment maintenance.

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