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DairyCare Pakistan is the only company in Pakistan that is the specialist for all breeds of cows and buffaloes. Dairy Farmer support is vital to our company. Through Farm Service, the company delivers the best products directly at its customers' premises and comes in partnership with you to provide reliable after sales services at your farm. DairyCare Pakistan specializes in Milking Parlours, Line Milking, Portable Bucket Milking, Herd Management software and devices, Farm hygiene systems and other dairy farming systems in partnership with Milkline Italy. We are the only providers of high quality imported pure breed dairy cattle in partnership with Australian Rural Exports (Austrex) Australia. DairyCare Pakistan provides Feed Mixer Wagons of Faresin Industries Italy. We are proud introducers of Faresin's first Self-Propelled Feed Mixer Wagon in Pakistan. DairyCare Pakistan provides advanced Dairy Farm Electronics of Draminski Poland for example mastitis testing device, heat detection device and ultrasound machine for cows and buffalos. We provide equipment and installation services of milk processing and packaging lines for pasteurized and fresh milk in pet and glass bottles or jerry cans.

We are proud and trustworthy partners of Milkline Srl – Italy, Faresin Industries S.p.A – Italy, Austrex - Australia, Hydor Dairy Ventilation Fans – UK, Draminski – Poland.

The product range of our international partners is continually growing to meet the needs of today's dairy operations. However, our brand is shaped by world class company names which have a valuable and landmark importance in the market and which represent world class performance in livestock farming. Our total system solutions allow our farmers, all over Pakistan, to manage the future of their dairy farming businesses on a sustainable and profitable basis.

DairyCare Pakistan's Friends

We are proud associates of Solve Agri Pak. Solve Agri Pak specializes in providing dairy farm development and management consultancy as well as dairy product development support. DairyCare Pakistan welcomes more friends to join us in our vision of advanced & profitable dairy farming in Pakistan. Read more about Solve Agri Pak on their website: www.solveagripak.com

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