Complete Dairy Farming Systems for Modern and Profitable Dairies

DairyCare Pakistan is your Right Partner in providing you the best from the world Dairy Farming and Milk Processing Technologies, Products and Services at your Dairy Farm. At DairyCare Pakistan we believe in your dairy farm and overall business success and profitability. A profitable dairy farm is a return client and a valuable asset for our company.

DairyCare Pakistan is your ideal partner for Milking Systems, TMR Feed Mixer Wagons, Pure and Cross Breed Imported Cows from Australia, Dairy Farm Shed Construction and wide range of Fences, Dairy Farm Ventilation Fans, Electronic Devices for Heat Detection, Mastitis Detection, Ultrasound and also products for Milk and Animal hygiene with its highly dependable line of products and systems. After successful milk production we provide equipment for milk processing and value added dairy products with turn-key installation services.


A modern dairy business makes it possible to produce high quality milk profitably. At the same time, it gives workers and animals a safe and friendly environment. DairyCare Pakistan offers a complete range of Milking Systems of Milkline Italy...

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Austrex has successfully exported Dairy cattle to various destinations around the world. The Australian Dairy industry is based on year round extensive pasture based grazing systems rather than intensive feedlot type production systems. Australia's production systems allow Austrex to select dairy cattle based on their environmental...

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